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The Sun Grant Initiative is a national network of land-grant universities and federally funded laboratories working together to further establish a biobased economy.

These institutes are at the forefront of research and innovation involving bioenergy and biofuels production. They have the history, technology and resources available to lead the nation towards a renewable, sustainable, domestic energy industry.

Sun Grant Centers are also charged with reviving America’s farming communities by placing an emphasis on rural economic development through the production of biobased renewable energy feedstocks.


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Northeast Regional Center
Pennsylvania State University
(607) 255-5544

South Central Regional Center
Oklahoma State University
(405) 744-3255

Western Regional Center
Oregon State University
(541) 737-4251

North Central Regional Center
South Dakota State University
(605) 696-7870

Southeastern Regional Center
University of Tennessee
(865) 946-1130

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